About Me

David Blanton

My name is David Blanton. I am a freelance web designer and developer that enjoys building websites from scratch or redesigning websites and making them modern and current. I have a huge passion for helping small businesses make their presence known on the internet, so they can compete with the big guys. I too am a small business and know how important it is for small businesses to succeed. I have been building websites since 1999 and have experience creating many different types. I enjoy learning the different website technologies available, as it is always changing.

Some of my other interests are fantasy football, running sound for our church youth band and, I am big into my family. God, family, church - in that order!

As an honest web developer, I know my limitations. I won’t make you believe that I know it all. That’s why I partner with other freelancers to get the job done. I can call on graphic designers and photographers for professional looking designs when needed. This is, of course, provided with an additional charge since they need to get paid also. We can discuss this during the learning stage of the project.

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